I heard a cricket this morning…

June 15, 2015

This story has nothing to do with the shop, but I want to tell it anyway. I spoke those words in the title to my wife yesterday. Not too remarkable except that I have not heard a cricket in about 30 years. I’ve had hearing problems since my early 20s when I would go to too many rock concerts and go shooting guns without ear protection, mostly because I was young and stupid. The hearing has gotten worse the last few years, mostly because I am now old and wise (That second part may┬ájust be hopefulness). Friends and family were getting tired of my consistent “What?” responses to anything that was said. It got to the point where I started avoiding social interaction.

Anyway, I had a hearing test done. And, yep, I’m pretty deaf. I got some hearing aids a couple of weeks ago. I can’t say it changed my life, at least not yet. But I did hear a cricket and I no longer dread dinner in a noisy restaurant. I suspect the life change is on its way.

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Tish and Steve says:

Hi David
We met you and your lovely wife Kat at the farmers market today and purchased a bottle stopper. Surfed around your website and Etsy shop and just wanted to say thank you for such beautiful work and nice conversation.

Dave Miller says:

Thank you. One great thing about doing things like farmers market is meeting people like you, especially when they are neighbors. We really enjoyed the conversation. Hope you enjoy the bottle stopper. We’re just down the road. Maybe we can get together sometime.

Tish and Steve says:

Thank You.
That would be great, we’d gladly take you guys up on that offer, just give us a shout neighbors.

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