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Featured Project

African Mahogany Bowl

Wood: African mahogany and maple

The bowl was made from a beautiful piece of African mahogany with a maple accent added. It is about 12-1/2″ in diameter and 5-1/2″ high. The African mahogany was a new experience for me. The wood was very dense and this particular board had a lot of interwoven grain. It was slow to cut and tools […]

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Around the 'Shop

I heard a cricket this morning…

This story has nothing to do with the shop, but I want to tell it anyway. I spoke those words in the title to my wife yesterday. Not too remarkable except that I have not heard a cricket in about 30 years. I’ve had hearing problems since my early 20s when I would go to […]

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State Fair

I got my stuff back that I had entered in the Florida State Fair. I got a ribbon! Okay, it was only an Honorable Mention but it’s a start. I plan to have several more entries next year. There was some (not much) feedback on the judge’s sheet. Hopefully, I can do better next time.  

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Pretty wood

Once again, it has been a while since I posted anything. Actually, I have been busy working (ha!). I have two bowls entered in the Florida State Fair. Had to get them shined up and delivered. I also worked on two big segmented salad bowls. I had a bit of a problem with the first. […]

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